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Yuri Ulyanov

Yuri Ulyanov

Yuri Ulyanov (1948, Riga, Latvian SSR – 2013, Riga, Republic of Latvia) – doctor of philology.

Yuri Ulyanov was born in a family of non-manual workers. He studied at Riga Secondary School Nr. 44 and afterwards – at the State Technical School of Art and Polygraphia Nr. 5.  In 1967 he enrolled into the Latvian State University, the department of Russian language and literature of the faculty of philology. After graduating from the university in 1973 he received a qualification of a philologist, a teacher of Russian language and literature.

Yuri Ulyanov started his work as a teacher of Russian language, history and geography at the State Technical School of Art and Polygraphia Nr. 5 (1972-1974) and the 8-year school Nr. 2 in Bergi (1974-1975). Then followed the years of work (1975-1979) at the Riga Plant of Semiconducting Devices. In 1970-1980ies he was dedicating a lot of time to his most favorite sports – badminton. Ulyanov was successfully participating in republican and all-Union tournaments and championships.

In 1979 Y. Ulyanov resumed his educator’s career. From 1979 till 1983 he had been working (as a senior engineer, senior economist, and teacher) in the Intersectional Institute of Training of the Specialists in National Economy by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of Latvian SSR. In 1983-1984 he was a deputy director on educational work at Riga Secondary School Nr. 40; from 1985 till 1989 he had been working as a teacher at the department of Russian language of the Republican Institute of the Improvement of Teaching Staff. At that period Y. Ulyanov worked on his candidate dissertation “Lexical Semantics of Verbal Stimulus and the Structure of Associative Field”, which he successfully defended in 1989 at the Belarus State University. The same year he received a scientific degree of a candidate of philology. In 1995 Habilitation and Promotion Council of the University of Latvia granted Y. Ulyanov a scientific degree of the doctor of philology (Dr . philol.).

Starting from the September of 1991 till the September of 2001 Y. Ulyanov worked as a teacher of Russian language at the Riga Pushkin Lyceum, where he also taught rhetoric, social psychology, psycholinguistics (and also developed a corresponding study program), was doing scientific-research work and participated in scientific-practical conferences. He paid a lot of attention to the preparation of his students for olimpiads and competitions in Russian language, conducted lyceum’s  club of poetry, participated in preparation and carried out lyceum festivities.

Y. Ulyanov actively participated in the social life of Latvia. He was an active participant of a Russian Cultural Center “Ulei”, Latvian Association of Russian Organizations, movement in defense of Russian language. He was involved in the organization and directly participated in many musical-poetical concerts dedicated to Russian poets and composers. These events were often held in Riga, and, especially, at the Russian House (on Tallinas street 97).

In 2001 Y. Ulyanov moved to Russia. In the course of 10 years he had been working in the system of the higher education in Russia, in the cities of Kaluga and Vologda. In 2009 he became a docent at the department of Russian language.

In 2011 Y. Ulyanov returned to Latvia.

Yuri Ulyanov passed away on the 29th of March 2013.

He is an author of the following books:

Психолингвистика. Латышско-русский ассоциативный словарь. Latviešu - krievu asociatīvā vārdnīca. - Улей, 1999;

Сокровенное. Избранная лирика и проза. – Улей: Рига,1999;

Страницы лет. Избранные стихи и проза.  – Калуга, 2008.


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