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Emma Arkhangelskaya

Emma Arkhangelskaya

Emma Arkhangelskaya (1951, Russian SFSR) – linguist, doctor of philology.

She was born on 20 March 1951 in Russia. In 1974 Emma Arkhangelskaya  graduated from the faculty of history and philology of Tartu University  with distinction and began to work at the University of Latvia. In 1983 Emma Arkhangelskaya defended a thesis and got a candidate degree in phylology at Moscow Pedagogical Institute on the history of the Russian language of the XI-XVIIth centuries. In 1992 she was elected assistant professor of the Chair of the Russian language of the University of Latvia and read the courses in linguistics, grammar, sociolinguistics.

Emma Arkhangelskaya did a lot of research in the field of linguistics, was the author of numerous scientific articles, textbooks. She took part in international scientific conferences where presented reports and did editorial work. After leaving the University of Latvia became director of professional bachelor's programme "Written and oral translation" in the Baltic International Academy. This institution has become the training centre for the teachers of Russian as a foreign language.


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