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Vladislav Volkov

Vladislav Volkov

Vladislav Volkov (14.10.1963)  - doctor of sociology, senior researcher of the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology  (University of Latvia).

V. Volkov was born in Jelgava (Latvia), graduated from Ural State University faculty of philisophy. In 1989 defended a thesis on a candidate degree in philisophy. In 1998 was granted a degree - doctor of sociology. From 1994-1998 worked in Riga Aviation University, then in the Institure of Information Systems Management. From 2004 - director of the Institute of social research of the University of Daugavpils. V.Volkov's main topic of research - sociological analysis of the Russian natiomal  minority in Latvia.

From 2012 Vladislav Volkov is a senior researcher of the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology (University of Latvia).

Владислав Волков. Понятие "этническое меньшинство" в латвийской социологии 1991-2007 годов

Владислав Волков. Русские в Риге

Владислав Волков. Национальное самосознание русской молодежи Латвии

Владислав Волков. Образ СССР в латвийской газете «Сегодня» в 1934-1940 гг.

Vladislav Volkov & Jacek Kurczewski. The Latvians, Russians and Poles of Preseny-Day

Vladislav Volkov, Oksana Ruzha. Communication of Ethnic Groups in the Public Space: the Case of Daugavpils


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