Mavriky Jacobi

Mavriky Jacobi

Mavriky Jacobi (7th of May 1906, St. Petersburg, Russian Empire – 9th of October 1938, Riga, Republic of Latvia) – an artist, the son of a famous lawyer Pyotr Jacobi.

The Jacobi family fled from the Bolsheviks to Riga in the beginning of 1919. Mavriky started to attend the Riga City Russian Secondary School, from which he graduated in 1925. In 1926 Jacobi enrolled to Latvian Academy of Arts. Alongside his studies he worked as a dispatch clerk in the magazine "For You" («Для Вас»).

In accordance with the decision of the Council of the Academy of Arts of 15th of November 1937 Mavriky Jacobi became a professional painter. 

His life was ended due to a tragical incident, though Jacobi managed to leave a series of works. He also tried himself as a decorator at the Russian Theatre. Jacobi was a member of the society of artists "Acropole". 

Tatiana Feigmane

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