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Yevgenia Altement

Yevgenia Altement

Yevgenia Altement (1912, Vilnius, Russian Empire – 1998, Riga, Republc of Latvia) – specialist in classical philology.

Yevgenia Altement was born in Vilnius but her family moved to Latvia where she studied classical philology at the faculty of philology and philosophy at Latvian University. After coup-d-etat by K. Ulmanis she terminated her studies and gave private classes and managed to get higher education  in March 1941.

During the war Yevgenia Altement worked as teacher of Latin and Latvian at Riga schools.

After the war she specialized as lecturer of the Chair of Classical Philology and history of the University of  Latvia.

From 1951 to 1972 Yevgenia Altement worked at Riga Medical Institute where she taught Latin.

She was knowledgeable in classical languages, a good lecturer and gained due respect among the students. After retirement she did not break her activities in different spheres and worked as insurance agent, junior scientific worker, senior engineer in various institutions.