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Nikolay Rominsky

Nikolay Rominsky

Nikolay Rominsky (14th of September 1868, Kyiv Governorate, Russian Empire –1943, Germany) – an artist, a teacher of drawing.

Nikolay Rominsky was born in Kanev, Kyiv governorate. In 1903 he graduated from Saint-Petersburg Academy of Arts and later was improving his skills in France, Germany and Italy. Rominsky participated in the World War I and was dismissed in the colonel rank. 

Already in 1919 the name of N. Rominsky is among the members of the Pedagogical Council of Riga City Russian Secondary School. Rominsky settled in Riga, since he was married to a Baltic German -  Ida, whose parents gave them a multistory stone house in the center of the city. 

In 1927 N. Rominsky and his wife went to Argentina for her medical treatment. In order to afford this trip, they had to sell the house. Excerpts from his travel observations were published in the school's periodical, even though Rominsky's literary activities were not successful. 

Nikolay Rominsky retired on 1st of September 1931.

In 1939 the Rominskies moved to Germany. Nikolay Rominsky died in Posen (now Poznan, Poland) in 1943. 

Tatiana Feigmane

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