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Mikhail Vasilyonok

Mikhail Vasilyonok

Mikhail Vasilyonok (1948, Taurkalne, Latvian SSR – 2023, Riga, Republic of Lftvia) – famous goal keeper in the hockey team of Riga's «Dinamo».

M. Vasylyonok was born on 1st May 1948 in Taurkalne (Latvia). 

He has been in the masters team since 1967 and played as goal-keeper. Under the guidance of V. Tihonov, M. Vasylyonok together with his team reached the highest league of the USSR championship in hockey. M. Vasylyonok was playing in the Soviet Union teams. 

He terminated his playing activities in 1985 and took up coaching. 

At present M. Vasylyonok is a manager of the hockey team «Metallurg» in Liepaja. In 2009 and 2010 trained goalkeepers of the Latvian Union team in hockey.


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