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Ludmila Pestova

Ludmila Pestova

Ludmila Pestova (nee Yadrova; 10th of December 1938, Penza Oblast, Russian SFSR) – a fine art expert.

Ludmila Yadrova was born in the family of an oficer of the Red Army and a housewife. The father died in a battle in 1942. 

She had been interested in drawing and singing since her early childhood. 

In 1956 Ludmila successfully graduated from Riga Secondary School Nr. 18. 

In 1961 she started working at the State Museum of Latvian and Russian Art of Latvian SSR (now - Latvian National Art Museum).

In the same year she enrolled into the extramural department of I. Repin Leningrad Institute of Drawing, Sculpture and Architecture. In 1967 she defended her final paper "Latvian Soviet Xylography". After that, for 20 years she had been working as the head custodian of the exhibition department and also an expert of the Museum.  

In 1989-1991 was the head custodian of the exibition hall "Arsenāls". 

In 1991-2001 L. Pestova worked as an expert at the antique shop ""Wolmar". In 2001-2008 she owned her own antique shop "Antiks-variants". 

In 2000 she became the 1st class expert in art and antiquity. 

During 30 years of her work at Latvian National Art Museum L. Pestova participated in the organization of many famous exhibitions, compilation of catalogues, data sheets, as well as provided their translations from Latvian to Russian. She was involved into organization processes of exhibitons of Latvian artists, which had been taking place in Riga, Prague, Kiev, Leningrad and Moscow. Later, some of them were taking place at the "Wolmar" antique shop.   

She also gave several interviews regarding the matters of art to newspapers and Latvian Radio. 

Ludmila Pestova is the author of the following monographs:

– Ādolfs Zārdiņš. – Rīga: Neputns, 2004;

– Sergejs Antonovs. – Rīga: Neputns, 2021.

Her works are available on-line: 

–  © Людмила ПестоваЖизнь и творчество Георгия Матвеева;

–  © Людмила ПестоваАлексей Юпатов.

In 1963 Ludmila married Sergey Pestov (1931-2013). In 1970 he received the title of the Merited Innovator of Latvian SSR.

In 1964 her daughter Natalia was born, and in 1985 - granddaughter Olga, who is also a fine art expert.