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 Yekaterina Bunchuk

Yekaterina Bunchuk

Yekaterina Bunchuk (1895, Kharkov, Russian Empire – 1968, Riga, Latvian SSR) – leading actress of the Riga  Russian Drama Theatre, worked  in Riga from 1924.


Y. Bunchuk finished theatrical studio in Kharkov and played in the theatres of Kharkov, Kazan, Rostov, Moscow, St.Petersburg.

She emigrated to Latvia in 1923 and became an actress of the Riga Russian Drama theatre in 1924 where worked all her life but the period of Nazi occupation.

In the opinion of theatrical producers, Y. Bunchuk had brilliant vocal skills and artistic culture.

Y. Bunchuk performed in different roles, especially popular was her role of Yelena in the play of M. Bulgakov “The days of the Turbins”. She played many other roles including the plays of  Latvian scriptwriters.


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