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Guriy Antipov

Guriy Antipov

Guriy Antipov (1935, Zilupe, Republic of Latvia – 1999, Riga, Republic of Latvia) – a soloist of the Latvian National Opera, professor of Latvian Musical Academy.

One of the best singers in Latvia. G. Antipov was born in the priest family and spent his childhood in Zilupe (Latgale). G. Antipov graduated from Latvian National Conservatory in 1960 in vocal class.

He was invited to Latvian Opera and Ballet (now Latvian National Opera theatre) where he was a soloist for 25 years.

He performed  over 50 parties, such as Boris Godunov, Don Juan, Mephistofel and his singing talent was highly appreciated by the public not only in Latvia, but in Moscow, Kyev, Minsk.

A brilliant Latvian bass in cooperation with a famous pianist Herman Braun performed the programmes of camera vocal music. He gave preference to Russian classical composers but gave due tribute also to modern composers such as D. Shostakovich and G. Sviridov.

He was well known for his pedagogical activities, taught at Latvian National Conservatory (now Latvian Musical Academy), got many honourable awards.



Photo: Guriy Antipov as Boris Godunov in the opera of the same name by P. Musorgskiy

Элина Чуянова. «Опять в разлуке мы, далёкий, милый друг...»

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