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Geroida Bogdanova

Geroida Bogdanova

Geroida Bogdanova (1934-2019) – Director of the Centre of Russian culture in Daugavpils from 1994 to her death.

Geroida Bogdanova was born on 30 April 1934 in Siberia where she got the best impressions about the grand nature and industrious, kind people, affecting her character and personality.

In 1957 Geroida Bogdanova graduated from Daugavpils Pedagogical Institute. She had been working as a teacher and was awarded the title of Honourable teacher of the Latvian  Republic.

Since 1994 G.Bogdanova has been a head jf the «Centre of Russian culture» in Daugavpils.

This centre promotes Russian culture, traditions, supports folk creative activities, holdsd concert festivities, competitions, days of Slavonic culture.

Geroida Bogdanova  has made a great contribution to the protection and promotion of the Russian culture and was awarded, the medal of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Cross of Recognition by V. Zatlers and the Pushkin medal.

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