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Alexander Andronov

Alexander Andronov

Alexander Andronov (1937, Moscow, Russian SFSR) – professor, hab. doctor of engineering, specialist on the field of aviation.

Honourable leader of science and technology of the Soviet Republic of Latvia.

A. Andronov's speciality is aviation engineer. He worked in Riga aviation factory N85 as engineer, then did postgraduate course in Riga Institute of Civil Aviation Engineering. He took part in research work referring to the application of the mass service theory at the organization and planning of technical maintenance of civil aviation planes. A. Andronov defended a candidate thesis on the speciality “technical cybernetics” and in 1973 defended a doctor's thesis on the theme “Statistic methods of designing and planning aeroport work”.

In 1978 A. Androov began to work permanently in Riga Institute of Civil Aviation engieering where read a course of lectures on “Theory of probability and mathematic statistics”.

He became a head of the Chair "Mathematic methods and programming”. In 1999 A. Andronov- head of the Chair “Automatic management systems”.

Since 2009- professor in the Institute of Transport and Communication.

A. Andronov has numerous scientific works and textbooks for students.

He is a member of American Statistic Association.