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Metropolitan Alexander (Kudryashov)

Metropolitan Alexander (Kudryashov)

His Eminence Alexander (1939) – Metropolitan of Riga and all Latvia.

His Eminence, Most Emenent Alexander Metropolitan of Riga and all Latvia (Alexander Kudryashov) was born on 3 October 1939 in Latgalia, the land of blue lakes and green hills.  This land abounds in cathedral and churches: orthodox, old believers, catholic and the people of Latgalia have been known  for their religious zeal, respect for church customs and traditions.

Alexander owes love for holy sermons, genuine belief, church singing to his childhood. Alexander’s  grandparents and parents were hard working and pious people praying a lot for human happiness and better lot.

The Lord spent his youth in Daugavpils and graduated from the faculty of philology of Daugavpils pedagogical Institute. Later he worked as teacher in Russian and Latvian schools. Alexander got acquainted and communicated with the famous icon painters Yevgeny Ivanov, Maxim Belogrudov, scientist and researcher of antiquity Ivan Zavoloko.

The future Lord has always  cherished the dream of becoming priest and served some years in the Urals as clergyman.

After his return  to Latvia on the blessing of the Lord Leonid Alexander was ordained vicar bishop and served in the cathedrals  and churches of Latvia.

Following the death of his Holiness, the Metropolitan Leonid in 1990 the vicar bishop Alexander took over the Eparchy and officially  became the 21st reigning eparch of Latvia.

At those times were restored or built many churches: the Cathedral of the Birth of Christ, the Cathedral of Saint Simeon and Anna in Jelgava etc.

In 1992 His Holiness of Moscow and all Russia and the Holy Synod made decision to grant independence and self-government to the Latvian Orthodox Church provided that canonical relations with the Patriarchy of Moscow were maintained.

In February 1994 the Lord Alexander was ordained  Archbishop. He contributed a lot to the rebirth of Riga Holy Seminary which has become the centre of holy education and was its rector. In 1998 was restored the ancient tradition of sacred procession from Riga to the  Savior-Transfiguration  Pustin near Jelgava. Alexander took special care about children, their spiritual development and holy education.

In February 2002 the Lord Alexander was ordained Metropolitan and the Latvian Orthodox Church got the status of Metropoly.

On the blessing of the Metropolitan of Riga and all Latvia Alexander  our native land was honored  by the visit of many Christian holy relics, including the Miraculous Tichvin icon of the holy Virgin Mary.

For his dedicated service the Lord Alexander proved his love for his Land and people who trust and respect him.



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