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Pyotr Vail

Pyotr Vail

Pyotr Vail (1949, Riga, Latvian SSR – 2009, Prague, Czech Republic) – Head of the Russian service of the radio «Svoboda», writer and publicist.

P. Vail was born in Riga, finished Riga 22nd high school, then Editor's faculty of Moscow polygraphic Institute. In 1977 emigrated to the USA, where cooperated with various Russian emigrant publishing offices.

He served in the radio «Svoboda» more than 20 years at the beginning as the free lancer, then as the permanent worker at New York's agency «Svoboda», ran the programmes «Over barriers», «USA Today», in 1992 headed the agency in New York.

In 1995 he moved in Prague and became an assistant director of the Russian service of information broadcast and later was appointed its chief editor. P. Vail demonstrated   varied interests ranging from culinary to the Russian language and fascinated the reader with his precise, laconic and colourful language.

He was also famous for his literary talents and as the author of numerous books such as «The map of the homeland», «Poems about me», «Russian cuisine in exile».

A. Genis was the co-author of some books.

P. Vail contributed a lot to the Russian journalistics in exile.   



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