Понятие «этническое меньшинство» в латвийской социологии 1991-2007 годов

Vladislav Volkov


The concept «ethnic minority» (variety - «national minority») belongs to that group of scientific terms  without which Latvian sociology in the period of the restored national state system since 1991 is impossible to imagine. This interest of Latvian sociologists is explained by the ethnopolitical reality: Latvia historically, and especially in the second half of the 20th century and in the beginning of the present century comes forward as an ethnically varied society. In general it can be noted that at the modern stage of Latvian ethnosociological research, in the content analysis of the concept “ethnic minority” in particular, multicultural ideas of Latvian sociologists about multi-ethnic Latvian society are taking on more special significance. The scutiny of the concept of «ethnic minority» in Latvian sociology during the period of the restored Latvian state system also is important for the clarifiacation of a  concrete issue: in what way is the Russian ethnic minority «built in» to the civil community and the national state. The logics of «ethnic minority» content development  in Latvian sociology are connected   with the gradual orientation on multicultural ideas of Latvian ethnic minorities.

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