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Sergey Vinogradov

Sergey Vinogradov

Sergey Vinogradov (1869-1938) - famous artist. From 1924 till death lived and worked in Riga.

Sergey Vinogradov  Full member of  St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, lived in Riga from 1924 until his death. Rented an artist’s studio from Bogdanov-Belsky. Painted the Riga suburbs a lot but was particularly attached to Latgalia (eastern Latvia), where the nature reminded him of Russia.

Sergey Vinogradov: To see, to see – that is our duty

I know my art. It was not for nothing that I studied, looked, remembered and worked so much. Now there are no technical difficulties for me.

Pyotr Pilsky: Vinogradov is an amazing artist; whatever he comes into contact with suddenly starts to quiver and sparkle.

Нина Лапидус. Эта светлая сила природы

Нина Лапидус. Сергей Арсеньевич Виноградов (1869-1938)

Нина Лапидус. Латгальская песня художника С.А. Виноградова

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